Thursday, October 11, 2007

Colorful Envelopes Project

Pretty envelopes can be made from magazine pages.

For this undertaking you will need:

– magazines

– lasting glue, such as as in a roller stick

– scissors

– pen or pencil

– non-toxic children's paste

– achromatic computer address labels or bit White paper

First you will necessitate to happen or do a template. Commercial envelopes are usually folded from paper shaped like a long diamond, but to do usage of magazine pages you will necessitate the sort that is closer to a rectangle with checks on the sides. Look through your mail and see if you have got received an envelope that you can utilize as a template. Carefully blossom it and see if it suits on a criterion magazine page. You might be able to do minor accommodations to do it fit.

Trace your templet onto the magazine page and cut it out. Full page magazine photographs are very pretty. You can also utilize old maps and posters. A mulct redness pen will be seeable on most pages to let you to follow your templet and cut. Fold the borders of the side checks and underside neatly following the form of the envelope you are using as a template. Glue the side checks to the underside flap with a lasting glue. A roller gum pen is very convenient for this and avoids globs.

For the top flap of the envelope usage a children's non-toxic paste glue. Fold the border over the upper flap and re-open, use paste to the border where it will overlap with the envelope, and let the paste to dry out with the flap open. This do the envelope lick-able astatine a future time.

Place a achromatic self-adhesive computer address label on the presence of the envelope to do addressing clear. You can do your ain labels by cutting out achromatic rectangles from received mail and using the lasting gum to affix to the presence of the envelope.

One or two twelve manus made envelopes do a nice gift. Necktie together with thread or cut a strip of magazine paper long adequate to do a neckband to throw them together.

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