Thursday, June 7, 2007

Ugg Boots

The Ugg Boot is a generic term for a style of boot, constructed of sheepskin, with the wool as the inner lining and a tanned outer surface. The terms ugg boots, ugh boots and ug boots have been used interchangeably in Australia as a generic term for sheepskin boots for generations. In the 1960s Australian surfers would put on ugg boots to warm their feet after coming in from riding the waves, and people in Australia would often wear ugg boots around the house during the mild winters.

Ugg Boots Popularity

Their popularity increased as a result of World War I and World War II, when sheepskin boots were popular with aviators, because of their need to keep warm in non-pressurised planes at high altitudes. Ugg boots have also been popular with surfers and competitive swimmers since at least the 1960s, for keeping warm while out of the water. Most Australians only wear ugg boots around the house, or on trips no further than local shops. One of the more popular ways to wear them is to wear the boot over the bottom of the pant leg, although you can also see people wear the boots with the bottom of the pant leg fitting over the boot.

Due to USA trademark laws, many companies selling into the USA now market these boots as Sheepskin Boots. It is recommended that you find the manufacturer-recommended products for protecting your boots, as alternative products could damage them. Made only from the finest Australian Merino wool, Ugg boots are comfortable, good for your foot health and highly beneficial for your well-being. You can keep your feet happy because we take such pride that all our sheepskin footwear, including kid's, women's and men's boots and moccasins are manufactured solely in Australia from 100% sheepskin hides.

The Genuine Merino fleece used for our classic short and tall ugg boots always feels wonderfully soft to the bare skin and can be worn without socks or stockings even in the coldest situations.

Ugg Boots History of Australia

They evolved in Australia as a type of slipper for cold weather use and are also known as ugh boots and ug boots. In Australia, sheepskin boots have long been popular with people in rural occupations, who have ready access to the raw materials, such as sheep shearers. Ugg boots saw a huge increase in popularity in 2003, partly due to the myriad of small Australian manufacturers who had been plying their trade for decades and partly due to substantial marketing by an American company, UGG Australia, a subsidiary of Deckers Outdoor Corporation, which now manufactures these boots in China. By 2003, Deckers had begun a campaign of legal threats against Australian manufacturers and vendors using variants of "ugh boots" as descriptors of their wares. In January 2006, they were successful in having Deckers Australian trademark removed, and the words and the names were once again generic terms for sheepskin boots.

Ugg boots are a very versatile piece of footwear. Today, Ugg boots are the gold standard for luxury sheepskin footwear.

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